PeerAir™ Pro Wireless Outdoor Integration Module For Use With PeerAir™ Pro Wireless AV Multi-Display System


The PeerAir™ Pro Outdoor Weather Resistant Enclosure provides safe placement of AVand electrical components from rain, snow, splashing water and debris. Designedfor optimum flexibility, the enclosure is ideal for use with the Peerless-AV® PeerAir™Pro Wireless AV Multi-Display System, as well as other AV devices. Its internal powermanagement support consolidates up to three power cords into one extension cablefor a clean, clutter free installation.


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Zertifizierungen: Certification: Taa

  • Safeguards AV and electrical components from elements such as rain, snow, splashing water and debris
  • Built-in 3-tap grounded outlet for wireless components and display power allowing for only one power cable to be routed to the power outlet
  • Ventilation portals for ideal air flow
  • Provides excess display power and component cable storage for a clean look
  • Accommodates installation to virtually any Peerless-AV mount or flat surface
  • Designed to support PeerAir Pro Wireless AV Multi-Display System as well as other AV devices
  • Comes with a cam lock for secure installation
  • Enclosure is constructed from flame resistant ABS Plastic (UL 94HB) material
  • Ships pre-assembled
  • Quick and easy installation