Mounting Solutions for Samsung IFH SMART LED Signage


Peerless-AV’s mounting solutions were designed exclusively for Samsung’s SMART LED Signage (IFH, IFH-D, IFJ & IWJ Series). 




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  • HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Overcomes installation irregularities to assure the LED pixels are aligned
  • DEPTH ADJUSTMENT: The entire mount creates one flat plane, regardless of wall imperfections
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Aluminum frame is easier to install and minimizes the wall load
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY: Predetermined adaptor rail locations speed up the assembly and minimize the errors
  • MODULAR DESIGN: Unlimited video wall display configurations available
  • PRECISION ENGINEERING: Tight tolerances and wall plate spacers assure the cabinets are properly positioned
  • ADA COMPLIANT: Low profile design meets the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) certification